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What page is the city commission on?

Register • Aug 12, 2014 at 2:09 PM

The city commissioners are flip-flopping around with their decision making. The residents don’t know what page the commissioners are on from one meeting to the next.


First, the commissioners have applications out to hire a firefighter, and then they tell us they are going to pay overtime instead.


It was probably a good call to make. The commissioners may not get their tax passed, and the employee would have to be laid off due to next year’s budget deficit.


Secondly, the commissioners reneged on their promise not to place a tax on the ballot since the school has a levy going on the ballot at the same time. A petition increasing the admission tax changed the minds of the commissioners.


Sometimes, when commissioners do not listen to the wishes of the people, the people have no recourse but to resort to a petition to gain the commissioners’ attention. 


Thirdly, the commissioners have temporarily removed the issue of reducing the commissioners down to five. Reducing the commissioners down to five is highly controversial. I don’t think the commissioners would want to take the chance of aggravating the voters. Anything that could set the voters off with a "no" vote would place the other ballot issues in jeopardy.


It cost thousands of dollars that the city doesn't have to spend to place each issue on the ballot. The city doesn’t have the money to place a $1,000 camera at the recyclable bins, but it has the money to place issues on the ballot. Money is always available when it comes to spending money for a cause that the commissioners desire to promote.


Anything the residents desire, it is all about not having enough money to fill their needs.

I have to wonder where the money comes from that the commissioners say they don’t have to spend — maybe that is why we are in a deficit all the time. 


Whatever is behind the reasoning for the flip-flops, the residents are always taken by surprise because some issues are not discussed before the public. There seems to be a motion and the commissioners are all voting "yes" before anyone realizes what just happened and why. I like the phrase that comes with the legislation that states everything was deliberated before the public.




At times, it is obvious the commissioners have talked about the subject before bringing the discussions before the public.


The flip-flopping issues come down to whether or not the citizens can trust the commissioners when they say one thing and turn around and do something entirely different.

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