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It's your checkbook

Register • Aug 10, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel wants to get the treasurer's house in order, and make the state's check registry accessible to the people who own it: Ohioans. 

Mandel asked the state lawmakers to mandate an online registry that would provide detail to anyone interested about every expenditure, from every state agency and department, accessible online. 

Mandel said his office is working to develop the programming and he wanted lawmakers to approve legislation that would require the state maintain an open checkbook. The idea, Mandel said, was so the work cannot be undone on the whim of some future Ohio treasurer. 

"Ohioans have a right to know how their hard-earned money is spent," Mandel said. "Having legislators establish a registry by law will preserve this open approach and give people access to the information."

The Ohio House already has approved the legislation to make the online registry be required by law. The Ohio Senate will take up the proposal this fall. 

We support Mandel's efforts and believe lawmakers should approve his plan. 

Providing Ohioans oversight of the state's checkbook is precisely the way government should operate in the age of digital communication.

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