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Bill borders on being useful to area boaters

Sandusky Register Staff • Aug 9, 2014 at 10:18 AM

Crossing the border into Canada, either by boat, car or plane, has become a lot more difficult since 9/11. However, a bill proposed by State Rep. Rex Damschroder could very well make it easier and more affordable to visit our neighbors to the north.

The measure would allow Ohioans to pay an extra $25 for a driver’s license that would have an embedded chip that would make identification much easier for travelers. The enhanced driver’s license would essentially replace the need for a passport to cross the border.

With passports costing about $100, the $25 expense of the enhanced driver’s license would certainly make it cheaper to cross the border.

Critics argue such a chip is the first step toward a national ID, which would infringe upon our civil liberties, especially if the technology would become required instead of voluntary.

While the benefits and dangers of a national ID are still unclear, we believe Damschroder’s bill would be great for our boating community and enhance commerce all along the nation’s border.

When technology can make our lives simpler, it is worth taking a look.

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