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Waugh drowns her hunger pains in water

FIT Staff • Aug 4, 2014 at 12:20 PM

To paraphrase a popular movie quote, "Push ups and crunches and squats, oh my!"


No matter what else has happened this past week, the most important to me is the first workout with Trevor Tieche of Bodi N Balance.


Oh my is right.


He did exactly what I wanted; he didn't take it easy on me (at least I don't think he did) and he pushed me when I thought I couldn't finish a set.


Yes, it hurt, but, yes, it's definitely worth it and I finished every set and every rep.


I was given a nutrition plan to follow and am sticking as close to it as I possibly can.


It's not all that difficult, considering I'm eating something every three "waking" hours.


Even if it's just a protein bar or a container of yogurt, it's nutrition for my body to function properly and there have only been a couple of hunger pangs that were quickly drowned in a swallow or two of water.


My friends, family, co-workers and even last season's FIT Challenge participants are cheering on me and the others in our efforts, and I don't think any of them really know what that means to all of us.


It's one thing to go through this journey on your own, knowing that the end result is worth the soreness and hard work.


It's another to go through it with a cheering section that gives you enough courage to pick yourself up and continue when you think you can't go another step.


No, I haven't reached that point this early in the challenge, but I know I'll eventually get there; hopefully, the love and support will postpone that until a day far, far away!


Do or do not! There is no try! Master Yoda.

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