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Quit reporting island troubles

Register • Jul 31, 2014 at 3:17 AM

Dear Editor,

I suggest you change the name of your "New Ottawa County Register" to theĀ  "New Put-in- Bay Register."

Your daily negative front page drum beat of South Bass Island issues needs to be reviewed.

If your spine-tingling stories are true, I'm sure they will be corrected.

Love your full page Police Blotters and the mis-fits who make it possible.

And your real estate transactions page always make's for spell binding reading, wow!

All of this lazy, space filling reporting negates the positive work of the Lake Erie Shores & Islands organization and various chambers (of commerce).

Your "National Inquiry" reporting destroys the money and time spent encouraging visitors from all over the country to share this wonderful part of Ohio with us.

Our industry is tourism and we all have to deal with thousands of visitors in a short 110-day period.

Most of us in the islands business comunnity wish that 1 percent of those thousands who cause most of the trouble's would go somewhere else.

The picture you continue to paint every day of our community is ugly. Not so and it needs to stop!


Ken Benjamin, owner

Stonehenge Estate

Put-in-Bay, Ohio


Editor's note: The reader's suggestion the Ottawa County Register censor news information to create a better local business climate does not align with better journalistic practices, or general newsroom operating principles at the Sandusky Register and the Ottawa County Register. Both newspapers, in practice, regularly publish news and information that promotes communities and business communities.

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