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Hall of shame

Register • Jul 30, 2014 at 11:11 PM

"Every establishment whose members’ accomplishments can be observed by the American public has a Hall of Fame"


Last Sunday, when this year’s Major League Baseball Hall of Fame class was inducted in Cooperstown, as representatives of their industry’s top stars from years past, it occurred to me that just about every establishment whose members’ accomplishments can be observed by the American public has a Hall of Fame.

Except Congress.

Of course if Congress did have its HOF in order to make the average American citizen comfortable with the presentation ceremonies instead of being inducted into the Congressional HOF they would be indicted.

Quite possibly the only HOF where all 535 members of the 113th Congress could qualify for would be the Procrastinator’s HOF.

Indubitably, when it comes to making the nominations the 113th probably wouldn’t get around to it. Just like immigration reform.

This Saturday when the NFL’s HOF class is inducted in Canton representing their industry’s top stars from the past, take the time during the 30-second adult beverage commercial to try and see how many senators or congressmen from the political industry you believe would be worthy of making a mythical Congressional HOF from names you can recall.

That’s the problem. They should all be recalled.

Cereal-ousy Cap’n Crunch, of all the congressmen who walked the halls of Congress, who would be your first choice to be inducted into a Congressional HOF?

Déjà vu, all over again, Part I — Closing in on 50 years without a championship for Cleveland’s top three sports means possible Hall of Famers, such as LeBron (basketball), Tito (baseball) and Johnny (football) might have to take a backseat in Cleveland sports race to a championship as the Gladiators, who I wrote about two weeks ago, finished with the best single season record, 17-1, in Arena Football League history.

Meaning they have secured home field advantage throughout the playoffs starting this Saturday against Philadelphia and will host Arena Bowl XXVII at Quicken Loans Arena should they reach the AFL championship.

Meaning the Gladiators, with Cavs’ owner Dan Gilbert as their majority owner, could become Cleveland’s first professional sports team to win a championship since the Cleveland Crunch won the National Professional Soccer League title last century in 1999.

Even though the Crunch played indoors, making it a more exciting and faster paced game, for me, soccer will always be a kick in the grass.

Déjà vu, all over again, Part II — Last month on June 18 I wrote about U.S. Embassies coming under attack in countries where the natives are restless and that perhaps it was time to make the transitional leap into the 21st century by turning our physical foreign embassies into virtual embassies.

Our elected officials in Washington have continually ignored the check engine light on these potentially dangerous and deadly situations. This time it was in Libya, as about 150 U.S. personnel were evacuated last Saturday from the shores of Tripoli and driven across the border into Tunisia.

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, introducing your safe havens of all safe havens — Tunisia.

Perhaps if our U.S. congressmen actually showed the devotion and dedication to the job voters expected when they elected them, then a Congressional HOF nomination could be something they could strive for while in office.

Obviously, if such an establishment was established, entry would include the mandatory completion of a full term along with a code of ethics to serve as a guideline for HOF voters such as:

No betting on House or Senate legislation.

No taking of House or Senate PEDs or steroids.

No lying to House or Senate committees.

How effective are these codes?

Because of these codes, Major League Baseball’s top hits leader, Pete Rose, top home run leader, Barry Bonds, and third all-time in strikeouts, pitcher Roger Clemens, are not in baseball’s HOF.

Other criteria would be just one past member from the House and one past member from the Senate can be voted in each year. Otherwise the Congressional HOF would become like the Rock and Roll HOF with current members such as Donna Summer, ABBA, Cat Stevens and Bonnie Raitt proving the time has come where instead of voting members in …

It’s time to vote members out.

Anyway, as intriguing as it would be to start up a Congressional HOF, the sad truth is right now most voters probably agree that before anyone from Congress goes into the Hall of Fame they all have to leave the Hall of Shame.

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