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The City of Huron needs to stop poaching Sandusky’s companies

Hollie Newton • Aug 6, 2014 at 9:09 PM

The Huron school board has approved a 15 year, 100 percent tax abatement to Central Ohio Paper and Packaging Company, which is located on Monroe Street in Sandusky. It makes the 

second time that the City of Huron has poached a company away from Sandusky in the last few years. 


There is a need for Sandusky to solve the poaching problem. ECEDC has an anti-poaching agreement in place, but it isn’t any good if the cities are making deals on the side. Companies are free to relocate to another city and the entities are free to persuade companies to relocate, but the host city should be notified before a deal is finalized. 


All entities in Erie County should sign an anti-poaching agreement. Cuyahoga has an anti-poaching agreement in place with the surrounding cities because the entities are recognizing there is a problem with poaching. Just recently, Norwalk poached a company away from Huron. Is there a need to extend the anti-poaching agreement further out beyond Erie County, especially where Norwalk is concerned? Lately, Norwalk has proven to be aggressive when it comes to seeking out jobs. I give Norwalk credit for going after the jobs, but the process needs to be a fair and balanced process. 


All of the entities are struggling to retain jobs. There aren’t many opportunities for new industry to come into the area, so it is vital for any neighboring entities to recognize the need to extend the courtesy to the host city so a fair bidding process can be initiated. I am sure the City of Huron would not like it if Sandusky poached a company from Huron without any notification, and likewise for Norwalk.


Sandusky cannot afford to lose any more jobs. Some of the city’s financing problem stems from the vanishing income tax base. There aren’t many good paying industrial jobs left and what jobs 

the city does have are being poached.

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