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Topey tries her hand at being an optician

Melissa Topey • Aug 27, 2014 at 2:40 PM


The “On The Job” series continues its Melissa working with Melissa's theme this week.

Are you a Melissa? Do you have a job? Contact Melissa Topey so she can work with you.

Melissa Kyle, licensed optician with Family Eye Care Centers, is the lady who helps clients select a frame that flatters, fits the face and works well to hold the lenses based on the prescription required.

After all, a thin wire frame might not be a good choice for a thick lens.

The client also has to like the frame.

"You can see it on their face, it is an aha moment that says 'I like that,'" Kyle said.

She has had a lot of those moments in her 30 years in eye care. She is good at what she does.

Kyle takes a lot of measurements, including from the center of the nose to the pupils.

I learned to do all of that by taking Kyle's measurements, optically speaking.

I attached a piece of electronic equipment called the EY-Stick Technology to her eyeglasses. This combines with a piece of equipment called the Optikam to take very precise measurements for the best eyesight possible.

I was nervous about scratching her glasses. Kyle put the glasses with the EY-Stick on it back on her face.

Its look is funky and high tech gaming system looking.

So with Chris Parthemore, practice administrator, by my side, I lined up a prism on the EY-Stick system. I grabbed the Optikam, lined up the eyes and the frames into the screen and took a picture.

Measurements automatically came up on the screen of the Optikam.

If Kyle had been a patient, those measurements, along with the prescription and frame order, would have been sent electronically to the lab making the glasses.

It is important to have your eyes examined every year, Kyle stressed.

Dr. Gregory Hicks is one of the optometrists for Family Eye Care Centers.

Eye exams can pick up early signs of disease, some of which might rob a person of their vision.

“So many people take eyesight for granted but you need to take care of your eyes,” Kyle said.

That is what they did for Karen Ferdinandsen and her husband, Michael.

The couple came into Family Eye Care Centers for Hicks to conduct their yearly exam.

Ferdinandsen, a 10th grade English teacher for Port Clinton High School, was a lot of fun and a good sport to allow me to help her select her new glasses.

“Try this” or “what do you think of this” was heard often.

“With this pair I can give the teacher look,” Ferdinandsen said, giving a demonstration.

You know the look — a stare over the frames that we have all received from a teacher at some time in our education.

We stopped when we selected eight glass frames in various styles and colors such as tortoise or teal. We could have kept going.

Ferdinandsen tried on the frames again, eliminating one after another.

At times she would find it hard to choose between two frames, looking at the frame on her face.

“Now quick put the other pair on,” I suggested.

The quick change appeared to work as she would select her favorite of the two and then continue to eliminate.

I learned that trick clothes shopping, put one dress or shirt on, look at it and then quickly hold up the other dress or shirt. It works.

Eventually she selected a black FYSH frame that had a teal chevron pattern for a splash of color and visual interest.

The frame was classic but fun, just like Ferdinandsen.

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