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Meet FIT Challenger Robb Smithson who will work out at the Norwalk Rec

FIT Staff • Jul 23, 2014 at 4:50 PM

I have battled obesity since I graduated  from high school in 1997. 


In the past four years, I have gone  from 410 pounds to 318 and back up to 340  pounds. 


I am dedicated to losing the rest of this weight and being able to run and be more active with my three children. 


In the past four years, I have ridden my bike over 4,000 miles, participated in many charity rides and raised over $3,000 for the American Diabetes Association. 


At every turn for an obese person there is a battle, be it food, exercise or the stigma that goes along with being obese. It is a constant physical challenge as well as mental.


I know the battle many people face, from waking up wondering if this is the day I will die of a heart attack or the feeling of constant pain from the extra weight I carry. 


I know how it feels to walk into a restaurant and worry that I might break the chair or not fit in the booth. 


It is my goal to show people that the weight can be lost with permanent lifestyle changes, even slow ones, and that everyday choices can have a dramatic effect on both your mental well-being and your physical 



I would be an excellent candidate to express how this can be accomplished by blogging weekly about the ups and downs involved in this overwhelming process. 


I believe I can have a profound effect on the lives of other people who face this very same challenge simply by showing them no matter how heavy a person is they are still capable of making changes and have valuable assets to share with others.

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