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Will the City Hall move be well on its way to becoming a reality?

Register • Jul 22, 2014 at 11:20 AM

The city manager has been initiated into the wonderful world of Sandusky politics while attending his first commission meeting. The manager was asked to use his mediation skills to negotiate a tax increase agreement between big business and the residents.


The residents seem to always be sitting on the sidelines waiting for their fair share of the money to go into their projects instead of always going into the downtown area. The commissioners seem to have no problem meeting with the business people, but the only time the commissioners will meet with the 

residents is when they have a tax increase to promote. 


A lot of political posturing is going on trying to sell some kind of tax increase to the citizens. It doesn’t seem right to pass a tax increase without some indication of where the money will be going. Without the designation of funds in writing, the citizens will be writing out a blank check to the city to spend the 

money at its discretion.


By passing the tax, the city’s dream of moving City Hall will no doubt become a reality. Between moving City Hall and putting out for wages and benefits, will the residents see any of the new revenue being directed to their needs? Wasting money on moving City Hall is the big elephant in the room when it comes to making the decision to give the city more money to spend. 


It is no secret that the city would like to move City Hall, but the city needs the citizen’s help in pushing forward a tax increase so the project can move forward. It will be unforgivable if the commissioners try to deceive the public about how poor the city is and then turn around and relocate City Hall after the tax 

increase is passed. 


The city continues to blame the state for the short fall of the budget, but I think the city needs to look at how it spends the money. Despite the condition of the city’s budget, the union and the non-union employees were granted a raise for the next three years knowing full well it didn’t have the money to make good on the three year deal. Now, the citizens are being asked to make good on the bounced check by passing a tax increase. 


Granting a tax increase to the city so it can move City Hall is not my idea of where I would like the additional tax increase to be spent. It is not on my agenda to write a blank check to the city without knowing what the game plan is for spending the money.

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