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I am Sandusky

Matt Morgan • Jul 17, 2014 at 3:00 PM

(And so can you!)

While not quite the snarky take of Stephen Colbert's book, this week's LFG is still going to be an optimistic venting of what's right in our city. Or..."our city" if you lived here too. Hmmm, which many of you may not. Well this is awkward. You know what I mean, right?


Having recently returned to attending city commission meetings this past Monday, I was beset by good news and bad. What contentious times lie in our little corner of 'Murrica! So many problems, not enough money, home owners vs. renters, frustrations of the citizenry, frustrations of the commission, and that's just in person. For you denizens of the Sandusky Register forums, tensions are running high across a slew of other topics. Democrat vs. Republican, union vs. non-union, and the contentious list goes on and on and on.


For as long as you are here reading this, all that junk above is now off to the wayside. Plenty of time for that later. Let's focus on what's good with Sandusky (or at least what's not bad).


Firstly, thank you. You. Yeah, you there reading this. You are just as much a part of the city by doing so than not, even if you aren't a resident. In fact, we were brought together through the courtesy of the Sandusky Register. You may have heard of it? It's an award-winning paper with a managing editor that gives locals a shot at blogging, responds sometimes when called to, and whose staff will reply back when a mistake is made and corrected. Is it perfect? Nope! But, it's ours as long as we contribute to it to help it be the best it can.


Secondly, thank you. You. Yeah you there living in the neighborhoods. Oh, hmm, that seemed repetitive. Credit is due, though. Have you taken the time to walk up and down the imperfect streets we have? To get to know your neighbors? I don't know about you, but I have an awesome breadth of neighbors all within a short distance: a Vietnam War veteran, retired couple with grandkids, former contractor, chihuahua owners, a newborn and one on the way, kids, the distant sounds of the high school band practicing, an occasional cicada, and the unprompted compliments offered for cleaning up the landscaping and sidewalks. There's a few international Cedar Point employees that walk by the house every evening, presumably getting off shift. I say hi to them, too, because they do add a lot to our community.


Speaking of Cedar Point, we have a world-class amusement park in our back yard. Sandusky also has some other notations in our culture. Firelands Regional Medical Center has a few recognitions of its own. For those who enjoy satirical media, there have been stories involving Sandusky, Ohio in at least eight Onion articles. Our Wikipedia entry also was both finally updated from a few commissions ago and has a very interesting "Notable People" section. In popular/TV/movie culture we have also been mentioned in (obligatory) Tommy Boy, the Adult Swim cartoon Metalocalypse, and have a few mentions in other movies. We even have our own "unaired tourism commercial"! Though this one or that one probably do us more justice.


Eh, eh?! How about dem apples?


Sure, I could also mention the awesome fun and vistas our bay and Lake Erie offer, the huge variety of wildlife, and the fact that Forbes named Sandusky the best city in which to live cheaply - but shouldn't that be obvious by now? No? Well, a lot of things have been diverting our attention lately from facts like this. Or that Ghostly Manor also won top recognition from Forbes. Did you know that the current Master's division Ohio State Pokemon TCG champion is from the area? Just sayin', little things here and there all add up.


So buck up, buckeyes! Even Huronites, Norwalkians, Milanders, Port Clintonese, and Vermili-anders. Yeah, you guys and girls too! There is so much good going on around you right now even if it seems bleak. Listen for that off-year cicada, look for the unique out of state license plates, or search some odd facts for yourself about where you live. Shore up your landscaping a bit, get to know your neighbors, set out a bird feeder, and enjoy your corner of your city; of your county; of your state; of your country.


You are the only one who can.

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