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Keep Summit Raceway here

Register • Jul 14, 2014 at 2:49 PM

It's usually a good thing when success causes a business to outgrow its facilities and need to expand. 

That's been the case for the Summit Motor Raceway in Norwalk for years, with the owners hoping to purchase some of the property owned by Huron County airport adjacent to the raceway. 


But Huron County commissioners and the airport board have been unable to arch any accommodations, and they now face the real risk that Summit will move its facility out of Huron County. 


We're not sure what the problem is between Huron County commissioners and the owners of Summit, but what we are sure about is that local economic development officials work with the owners to keep Summit Raceway here in this region. 


Race fans are a huge population and the sport compliments to tourism industry here. More fans, more nights in hotels, more dinners out and more tax revenue. 


If expansion is not an option in Norwalk, economic development officials from Erie, Sandusky and Ottawa counties all should work to keep Summit Raceway in our region.

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