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He said what?

Matt Morgan • Jul 14, 2014 at 1:21 PM

Linguistic tidbits for your information and amusement.


Having a firm grasp of at least one language will help you immeasurably in business and life. You can convey your desires, delve deeper into a culture, or just get around in day-to-day life. One's character is usually enhanced from proper speaking, spelling, pronunciation, and punctuation habits. For others, those skills may well be the difference between yourself and another candidate interviewing for a job!


wud u rather hav sum1 2 work 4 u who sez/txts stuff liek dis?


Or, would you rather employ someone who conveys his or her thoughts this way?


Unfortunately, we aren't at the point where I can just provide you a random hyperlink so you can learn a language in a minute. Even if we were, that is a choice for you to make. Which language would you want to learn and why? Spanish? Japanese? Arabic? There are so many and each has tremendous potential to open up opportunity in your life.


Instead of that, let's enjoy some of the lesser-known languages. You know, for shiggles.


Shiggles? Ah, yes. It is here our journey begins. You see it is said of English that, "[It] doesn't borrow from other languages. English follows other languages down dark alleys, knocks them over, and goes through their pockets for loose grammar." Mais oui, it seems to make sense does it not? Classically it's a Germanic-based language with an odd number of cognates that relate to Turkey and...I can see that perhaps such histories aren't so hunky-dory with your interests. The point is, we English speakers often incorporate elements of other languages to make it our own and current with the times. Even other English words as in the case of "shiggles". Urban Dictionary is an excellent (and often textually NSFW) way to find out what is said and meant by today's youth.


On the topic of NSFW, and in ways that are safe for work, Internet slang continues to churn out a great number of acronyms,memes, and more. It can be tough to follow what's going on if you aren't jive to the lingo. It may make you LOL when others facepalm and SMDH as someone replies to the OP with IAWTAC. Hmm just because they are used in context != a total understanding of them, does it? Here's a helpful site for parents or grandparents who'd like to know just what is being said on that web page, text message, or email: Netlingo. Especially if you have a kid at home and aren't sure what is being said, check out these top abbreviations you should know as a parent or guardian here.


We've reviewed a great deal, but there's a bit more left.


*Want to know more about business terms? Click here.

*Do you have a friend or family member that's a gamer and you aren't? Check out what they're saying here.

*Curious about all the slang out there? Well, click the hyperlink before this sentence. Gotta make sure you're paying attention!

*Huge Star Trek fan but aren't quite sure what a tachyon is? There's a site for that.


Hopefully you have been able to find answers to questions you may not have even known you had yet! Language plays a vital role in our lives and those who cannot read nor speak properly are going to start with a major disadvantage. Educate yourselves and others so that you can enjoy a more prosperous business and richer life. It doesn't have to be boring to learn about a new language, either. There's a slew of learning programs, games, and even YouTube videos that can provide your lips with a smile in addition to words to push out.


*Are Elvish, Klingon, Dothraki and Na'vi real languages

*Gallagher has an excellent take on the English language

*Here's a popular Korean pop song sung in Klingon

*Sometimes it isn't the words that are used, but rather what it appears the people can say in something like a voice over. Watch as language is bent on itself in "Medieval Land Fun-Time World" a movie trailer-parody for Game of Thrones that's SFW

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