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Register • Jul 14, 2014 at 12:00 AM

 By Rita M. Mahler

Special to the Register 

Over the past winter months of cold, icy weather and fewer cars on the roads of the Peninsula, there was one thing that kept increasing.  "For sale" signs.  As winter finally gave way to spring and summer, the summer residents and tourists flooded in, and "sale pending" signs began to show. Then "sold" signs were popping up.  What used to be little summer cottages, or campground hookups, has really changed.  It’s just not cheap to buy into summer on the lake like it once was. Big summer homes and condos are now the draw along the waterfront and Johnsons Island and the homes along the interior ridge of the old quarry are something else to see, let alone own.

So far, the first half of the year has had 150 property sales, in Danbury township.  Big houses, small houses, houses with docks, waterfront homes, condos, trailers, modular homes and bare lots. More than a few new homes are being built and the sale signs still keep popping up. Several businesses are also for sale, and spaces for new businesses have increased.  One of the most recent home sales was on the waterfront near the location where the old Marina Restaurant stood for many years. Sale price of $1,050,000. 

The "for sale" sign at Prehistoric Forest tugs at my heart.  One of my summer jobs while I was in high school (1970) was working as a cave-woman at Prehistoric Forest.  That was back in the day when Mystery Hill and Prehistoric Forest were a joint amusement attraction that drew a steady flow of customers every day.   I wonder what it might become when a new owner signs on the dotted line.

It’s true that many of the open fields on the waterfront no longer provide a view from the road. The subdivisions with huge homes and landscaped yards take their place but one thing remains steady. There will always be the beauty of the lake, the sound of the waves and the joy of a boat ride at sunup for a day of fishing, or that evening cruise at sunset.  The ever-changing beauty of Lake Erie and all it has to offer is hard to put a price on. Yet it still happens, over and over again.

Next week… The Quarry.


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