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School resource officer appreciates recognition

Register • Jul 9, 2014 at 2:30 PM

It is a great honor to be selected as the school resource officer of 2013, out of several hundred school resource officers throughout the state of Ohio.

This award is not just for myself but my family, our department, and the Perkins School System which includes me in many of their classroom activities.

Without their guidance and support many of the community service projects we conduct would not be possible. It is also rewarding to see so many area businesses and township citizens support our department from making sure Santa has enough candy canes at Christmastime for area students, or the area businesses that make our projects a success.

My experience as a school resource officer with the Perkins School System is most rewarding because of the ability to interact with students in a positive way. In law enforcement we see the good and bad in society, and too have the opportunity to make our students feel safe while in school, and to work with them in making good decisions is rewarding.

So many times I have had current and former students approach myself and family in public and share with us their achievements and goals, which I would never have had the experience if not for my position as a school resource officer.

The position of a school resource officer in schools does not indicate the school system has behavior issues with students, but it gives the opportunity for the police agency to work proactively with the schools and families to better their community. In the last 14 years as a school resource officer I have seen so many students become involved in community projects working alongside of our officer to better assist our citizens.

I would have never thought when I was in the police academy I would have had the opportunity to have one of the best positions in law enforcement.

—Daniel McLaughlin

Perkins Police Sgt.

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