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Are residents bored?

Hollie Newton • Jul 8, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Are residents plain bored about the cut-and-dried city commission meetings?


I have a different opinion as to why the commission chamber is not full of people during the city commission meetings. It is hardly worth the effort to attend the meetings when there isn’t a whole lot being discussed. 


For the last couple of meetings, old and new business has been nonexistent. How can two weeks pass between meetings without any city business being discussed? More time is spent in executive session than discussing city business before the public. If it were not for the people at the podium, the commissioners could wrap up the meetings in less than 30 minutes. 


I was watching In-Between-the-Lines and an ex-commissioner was telling how back in his days, there weren’t any executive sessions. Next, he proceeded to tell us that the past commissioners would meet in the upstairs conference room before and after the commission meetings. I often wondered how city business was being discussed back then and now it has been revealed what was really taking place. When old and new business is not being discussed at the present meetings, I suspect that modern technology has taken the place of upstairs conference room sessions. How else would all the commissioners stay informed if they are not communicating at the commission table? 


We see articles in the paper about some information coming out of City Hall, so why is the reporter so privileged instead of releasing the same information at the city commission meetings? The difference is that the reporter has to dig for the information or the reporter is tipped off. Do the commissioners think that if they don’t mention anything that the impression will be projected that everything is running efficiently?


I will say that the city’s legislation and agendas are very transparent, but the city receives low marks for not fully deliberating and discussing other city business before the public. I hope the practice is not going to be a trend, because it will most certainly hinder the flow of information and transparency for everyone concerned.

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