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Sandusky Catholic more alike

Register • Jul 6, 2014 at 8:00 AM

The Sandusky Central Catholic school district has a rich and respected heritage in our community. Its beginnings in the city are the city's beginnings. 

The cornerstones of Sts. Peter and Paul, Holy Angels and St. Mary's churches and the schools show the reach back they have in the city's neighborhoods, filled with Irish, Italian and German immigrants — the new Americans of that era.


But the mission today is much as it was then: To serve families. Just as every other school district, the Sandusky Catholic district is undergoing transformation in how educational services are delivered in the tight-budget world that is today's reality. 


The united school district is a private institution, making it difficult when private information becomes public, whether through a reporter or a court filing. The public role of the district's board is to the families the school serves, and it is answerable to them. 


The swirl of speculation surrounding recent teacher contract changes that appear to reduce salaries for older experienced teachers, and a federal age discrimination lawsuit, is not too unlike any reaction that might occur if the same thing were to happen in another school district. 


District officials have the right to comment, or not comment, on issues that become public, and district employees also have a right to speak out. 


The Register's reporting can at times generate a community conversation, and that conversation can be challenging at times with concerns that trouble readers and a fog of misunderstandings. 


As arduous as it can be, however, we believe difficult dialogue on issues that matter is better than no dialogue at all. 

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