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Road Trip Day 4: From Bay to Bay

Jason Werling • Jul 3, 2014 at 11:45 PM

It certainly was a throwback Thursday for day four of the Bay to Bay road trip. And not the “TBT” of posting embarrassing photos from the days of yore on Facebook.

Throwback Thursday for the Werling boys was the day of going back after trying a different route or going back twice after making a wrong turn.

We started our day in Highland Falls, NY at the Bear Mountain State Park carousel and pool, I had promised the boys swimming since the trip had began and it was time to pay the piper(s).

The carousel at Bear Mountain has animals of all types including a couple otters, several bears and the standard horses. Will picked a raccoon, Payton picked a turkey and I picked a bobcat because of my Ohio University roots. The Bear Mountain carousel is nice but it crawls at a snail’s pace compared to the Merry Go Round Museum’s downtown Sandusky version.

The pool at Bear Mountain is operated by the New York State Parks & Recreation and is very large and very nice. We could have spent the entire day at Bear Mountain and of all the stops so far in the road trip we are looking to return here the most…so far.

As we had in the first three days of the trip, we spent too much time where we started and had to cram the last half of the trip into driving straight to our destination. But the boys didn’t notice any different.

The first hiccup was traveling off of U.S. 6 to see 6N through Mahopec, NY. This was a recommendation of Joe Hurley. A New Englander who walked all of U.S. 6 in 2004. Yes, he walked it. He has been a resource of mine for our trip and hopefully we will meet up with him this weekend. Anyway, in Joe’s book Ten Million Steps he recommended taking Route 6N through Mahopec instead of 6. We drove 6N and Will wasn’t happy about it. I felt I was cheating the route, too. So as we drove back on 6 west to see what we had missed I started talking backwards. “Way wrong the going are we,” I said. Payton was amused, Will was not. Will told me to stop talking like Yoda from Star Wars. Not did I.

The second hiccup that factored into our late arrival to Providence, RI was a confusing road sign somewhere in Connecticut. The Grand Army of the Republic Highway (U.S. 6) took a turn on to a major interstate and all signs pointed to us making a turn. When we took the turn the first time an eerie feeling of deja vu kicked in when we saw a roadside fireworks stand for the second time and then saw two consecutive gas stations with gas at $3.89 and then $4.17 for the second time. And if driving past the fireworks stand and gas stations twice wasn’t enough, we (I) made the mistake again because the signs were that confusing. 

I started to feel like Clark Griswold in National Lampoons European Vacation, “Kids, Big Ben, Parliament.”

Another recurrence, at least in Connecticut, has been a Dunkin’ Donuts on every corner. We saw four in a two-mile stretch and stopped at the third. Donuts at 6 p.m. can only be had during vacation. Payton made the employees and patrons smile as he handed out smiley stickers to everyone there as Will scarfed down two donuts.

One of the highlights of the trip has been our late-night driving and listening to the Beatles. Yellow Submarine has been the theme song of the trip with Payton asking for me to play it. And Payton has been asking his brother to keep it down when the Fab Four are on because he wants to hear.

We played the Beatles all the way to Providence Thursday night and have one more day until the long and winding road wraps up on the East Coast.

Join us on our last day at sanduskyregister.com/b2b

Watch Day 4 as it happens below

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