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Be informed, Obama

Register • Jul 2, 2014 at 9:33 AM

Last Friday Washington Post reporter David Nakamura reported about White House aides reportedly saying President Obama doesn’t watch TV news.


It made me speculate on the possible news alternatives our commander in chief uses to keep in touch with America.

1. The Syfy Channel

2. The Comedy Channel

3. An Ouija Board

4. A Magic 8 Ball

5. Tarot cards

Perhaps it was one of the above sources President Obama used as he fumed about TV news during a fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee last Thursday in Minneapolis, when he stated:

“On Monday, we had what we called a White House Working Families Summit. And we just talked about bread-and-butter issues that everybody talks about around the kitchen table but, unfortunately, don’t make it on the nightly news a lot”

Yikes! Evidently President Obama does watch TV news.

President Obama during his fundraising speech also blamed the GOP and those who report the news for deciding what is important by driving debates over phony scandals when he said:

“They’re fabricated issues, phony scandals, it’s not on the level and that must feel frustrating. It makes people cynical, and it makes people turned off from the idea that anything can get done”


It’s nice to know they’re fabricated and phony. The past six years I thought the IRS disappearing email, illegal immigrant children crossing the border, the Bowe Bergdahl trade for five Guantanamo Bay prisoners, the Afghanistan prison release of 12 terrorist detainees and the VA abuses were all real.


That’s just the past six weeks of fabricated and phony scandals, not the past six years.

Speaking of “Fabricated and Phony” part I — This Saturday marks the start of 13 years the Sandusky Register has printed my submissions, which, according to my crapbooks, err, scrapbooks in the attic, add up to just over 600 printed columns.

The amazing fact about all that is, I don’t type. That’s right. I peck the letters out one finger at a time on the keypad. All of which confirms what many have deemed true.

Hoefert is a pecker!

Speaking of “Fabricated and Phony” part II — I am certain over the first 12 years I have stayed true to my Marxism beliefs, not Karl but rather the Groucho “Whatever it is, I’m Against it!” Marx belief of continually pointing out the Emperor (Along with Congress) has no clothes.

After six years of showing President Bush in his socks and underwear I didn’t think the emails and comments I received concerning President Bush could be equaled or topped.

I was wrong.

What I discovered was while our elected officials in Washington have remained in the same stagnate state, the state of the readers of the Sandusky Register have become more informed and aware, no matter how big or small, of the political events that surround their lives and affect their lives.

That is what President Obama needs to do to help him become more informed and aware of the political events that surround the lives of all Americans.

Hmmm … I wonder how he could accomplish that.

Is it possible that by watching TV news President Obama could begin relating to the needs and wants of his constituents?

Or better yet, become TV news .

Instead of isolating himself in weekly private fundraisers he should hold weekly public town hall meetings across the country. Sandusky is as good as anywhere to start, focusing on just that week’s top hot issue and have it broadcast.

I’m sure the networks would jump at the chance to air a reality show that’s really about reality.

By concentrating on just one issue a week in town hall meetings I believe President Obama will get a better understanding of how the average American citizen feels about the top hot issue not being a phony scandal and fabricated.

Or, President Obama could come to my attic and read my crapbooks, err, scrapbooks.

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