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Veterans care should be a priority

Register • Jun 26, 2014 at 11:20 AM

There is little doubt among veterans of the atrocities that have taken place in Arizona’s VA Hospitals. Added shame is that former POW John McCain can say he wasn’t aware of any problems in his own state.

Common sense tells us many complaints had to be made to his senate office. I know for a fact the same was true in Colorado.

On the positive side, veterans care for Ohio veterans should rate an A+. Much of the negativity you hear or read about is strictly the fault of the particular veteran. Emergency care is readily available and we have the best care in the country.

Yes, scheduled yearly appointments are set in advance at the veterans’ convenience, but if you need immediate care it’s available.

VA health care and filing for VA benefits are two different things. Ohio ranks at the top in health care while the benefits have consistently put us near the bottom, 49th out of 50 along with Indiana.

Last count was about 38 or 39 veterans organizations could file your claim. Disabled American Veterans handles almost 60 percent of the claims. You don’t have to belong to file a claim, and it’s free.

New claims filed correctly and complete can be processed in as little as 4-6 weeks

VA workers not doing their jobs borders on being criminal.

Don’t want or can’t do the job? Resign. This is taking place all over the country and they just keep covering for each other. Break the trend? I’m at wits end. It’s way beyond my ability to “add or detract”

—Paul Hauke Jr.


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