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Gov. Kasich attacks clean energy, protects monopolies

Register • Jun 26, 2014 at 5:30 PM

With the signing of SB310 Gov. John Kasich has put a freeze on an industry that has seen tremendous job growth while the rest of Ohio’s industries have struggled recovering from the recession.

Gov. Kasich has once again shown us that his policies only serve those that serve him. In 2010, Gov. Kasich raised $305,000 from the coal industry. If that was not bad enough, six weeks before SB310 was signed David Koch gave Gov. Kasich the maximum donation allowed under the law — $12,155.

And with the signing of SB310 it looks as though their investments have paid off.

Having a clean energy standard puts Ohio consumers on a level playing field with the monopolies that are currently enjoyed by companies like First Energy.

The signing of Ohio Senate Bill 310, coupled with the wind turbine amendment in House Bill 483, which mandates that wind turbines to have an 1,125-foot “standoff distance” from the blades of a wind turbine to the nearest property line, show us that this governor is hell bent on keeping clean energy out of Ohio, ensuring that Ohioans stay dependent on fossil fuels.

If the state of Ohio and the United States of America are ever going to become energy independent, then we must start by expanding our investments in renewable energy. Decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels not only moves our state and our country forward, it is also is a vital national security interest.

—Maximilian Upton

Perkins Township

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