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Justice group connects families

Register • Jun 21, 2014 at 4:58 PM

For a movement to gain any traction, it must have support. 

The Justice for Jake and Ella group already demonstrated forward motion in the two years-plus since it was founded, garnering more than 20,000 supporters at its Facebook page and nearly 1,700 signatures on a petition seeking to remove Sandusky County prosecutor Tom Stierwalt and Sheriff Kyle Overmyer from office.


The group has been showing its power almost from the beginning after Overmyer, Stierwalt and county coroner John Wukie disrespectfully and unceremoniously shut down the parents of Jacob Limberios, who were seeking a competent investigation into the March 2012 death of their son. 


The family's supporters and friends at Justice for Jake and Ella forced a state investigation, which determined local investigators mishandled the probe and county coroner John Wukie reached an inaccurate conclusion about how Jacob Limberios died.


Wukie ignored Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's findings after his investigation, refusing to correct the nonsensical suicide ruling he made concerning the death and arrogantly thumbing his nose at DeWine and the Limberios family.  


We think that's a problem DeWine should address, but he's gone mum since he finished his investigation of Limberios' death and determined it was accidental, a fact that seemed obvious to everyone except Wukie from the very beginning.


The Justice for Jake group soldiered on despite Wukie's stubborn duplicity, and joined other families who experienced similar difficulties with Wukie and members of the county law enforcement community. They've got a sacred kinship and  contend the system is corrupted by the same incompetent practices and no-account investigations that happened when their loved ones met unfortunate circumstances involving police and deputies.  


Stierwalt, Overmyer, Wukie and even DeWine might continue to ignore the serious problems the group has exposed and they might continue whitewashing wrongdoing in Sandusky County, with one excuse after the other. 


But the movement started by friends and supporters of the Limberios family — and the other families that have joined in the effort — we're confident, already made a huge difference in correcting some behavior. With the level of support it's received in the community it's likely to continue having an important and positive impact going forward.


Congratulations for hitting the 20,000 milestone, Justice for Jake and Ella. Good work. 

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