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Hey kids, go home and die

Matt Westerhold • Jun 21, 2014 at 7:32 PM

One reader's comment posted at sanduskyregister.com about the recent influx of children on the border was troubling: “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT children is more like it.”

The comment is particularly harsh. 

They aren't children gathering at the U.S.-Mexican border; they are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT children.

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For some reason, not the blood he spilled during the American Revolution, the reader thought it was important to correctly label these children. They aren't AMERICAN CHILDREN; they're not CHILDREN OF GOD.

No, according to the reader who posted the comment, they are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT CHILDREN.

Unlike his children, or himself, who by the grace of God and nothing else, all were born in the United States, these children were not born on U.S. soil.

Their lives have less meaning, the reader's capitalized words seem to suggest. They have less value and they somehow are undeserving of the same freedoms the reader and his children enjoy, determined solely by the chance location of their births, and nothing else.

Those children, and their parents ... all those people were born south of the border, without the grace of God the reader and his family enjoy: A dream of freedom.

What's his is his, not theirs. And not only are they ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT CHILDREN, they're skin is darker, too.

“Put them back on the bus and back across the border,” another reader posted at the story. “Until everyone learns there are consequences they will keep coming. Send them back.”

Obviously, those children need to be taught something; we have to “learn” them, according to that reader, that our freedoms are not their freedoms and they don't deserve a chance in life to live free. They weren't born here.

That woman actually believes she offered up a reasoned and fair position. She probably fancies herself a God-fearing woman who waves the flag and is proud to be an American, as if she had anything to do with that.

No worries some of those children might face lives of miserable consequences, poverty and death, fomented, in part at least, by the insatiable American appetite for the drug imports from across the border that help create the oppressive and violent drug cartels that control their home countries.

Not her problem.

She'll argue the only way to preserve her freedom birthright is by allowing the children of ILLEGALS to live in poverty and despair because unlike her, they weren't born here. Damn kids. Go back to where you came from. WE DON'T CARE.

It's as if extending our freedoms to brown-skinned people — even children — somehow diminishes our freedom.

The reality is not extending the American ideal of freedom to everyone is what diminishes our freedom.

Both readers are just minor pawns in the oppression of others; the oppression of themselves.

People are people and it doesn't matter where they were born. And parents are parents, regardless of the labels that witting, or unwitting, oppressors employ.

I worry if my daughter is 15 minutes later than expected.

In contrast, these parents sent their children away, to the U.S.-Mexican border because an American prison cell is a safer place for them than the homes where they live.

Those parents are courageous.

Some of the readers who commented are the opposite.

The parents of these children believe in the American ideal more than the beneficiaries who enjoy the un-earned freedoms guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

U.S. immigration policies have been racist-based since the founding of the nation, and the debate is likely to continue long after we are all dead, with politics being central to it and freedom being nothing more than an afterthought, if it's considered at all.

The very basis of the nation's founding that "all men are created equal" and "endowed with certain inalienable rights” gets ignored in the process.

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