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Warm winds bring out wildlife

Register • Jun 20, 2014 at 10:30 AM

By Rita M. Mahler

Special to the Register

The weather was a mini-heat wave last week. Even though it's not yet officially summer, we had above 90 degree temps (with very strong winds).

As one who loves warm, yes even hot temperatures, I am not complaining. The past winter of super cold just about did me in. The water temp around the horn has been around 67 to 68 degrees and I’m sure it jumped with the warm winds. It brings in even more people to the beach and shoreline where cooler breezes can always be found.

Lake Point Park at the tip of the Peninsula, also known to old-timers as Ohlemacher Park where the quarry kiln stacks used to be, is now the perfect picnic place to relax and soak up the views. Last year saw a major improvement to the creek drainage under Ohio 163 and should make flooding in the park a thing of the past.

The “creek” is actually a quarry runoff of the water used in processing the stone. Many tourists and locals love to walk to the little covered bridge to watch the rapidly flowing clear water on its path to the lake.

This photo was taken by Dana Mahler Strimpfel from the bridge to show the new tile and stonework around it. The gentleman on the Harley enjoying the view and beauty of the lake just happened to be my brother Russ Merckens, who was also enjoying the view as we were. It’s in our blood.

You can’t see from this view, but there was a family fishing from the new concrete beak wall just beyond the big rocks. The park has improved considerably from the past and now has a shelter house with picnic tables and a playground area for kids. It’s a great place to rest and relax on the trip around the horn. The Park is owned and maintained by Danbury Township.

The warmer temps brought many to East Harbor State Park also, where a number of different scheduled activities are happening. My favorite times at East Harbor are spent watching the wildlife. I witnessed a pair of Bald Eagles and one of their young each sitting on a rock in the middle harbor off the north side of the causeway to the beach. While watching them, I saw the rare flock of pelicans that I learned had been visiting recently.

This photo was taken June 16 by a dear friend, Linda Guiher, who enjoys sharing her photos with many.  

Not sure how long our visitors will be here, but they have got to be enjoying it as much as we do.

So if you want a little Natural History on your ride, visit either of these parks along 163.

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