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Police get their act together

Sandusky Register Staff • Jun 18, 2014 at 3:49 PM

In every workplace in every corner of the world there is an employed someone — or many someones — who have in mind ways to improve their workplaces. Many times their inability to see the big picture makes their suggestions impractical. But often, it is those who serve their time in the trenches who have the best insight into what it takes to be successful.

Last week, Lt. Phil Frost was promoted to assistant chief of the Sandusky Police Department. Both Frost and Chief John Orzech came up through the ranks and earned the confidence of their superiors and the trust of the community. Both men know the value of cooperation within the department and city hall, as well as with the Erie County Sheriff Department and neighboring police departments.

The implementation of a new organizational chart — one that clearly states the chain of command — was recently approved by the Civil Service Commission. Changes recommended by an independent accredited organization in 2011 to improve efficiency have steadily moved forward under Orzech, with help from former city manager Nicole Ard, Law Director and Acting City Manager Don Icsman, Finance Director Hank Solowiej and others. To date, about two-thirds of the recommendations have been put in place.

Like ripples in the bay when a stone is tossed in, the spirit of cooperation within the police department is spreading. The positive force of the police force and the hiring of Eric Wobser as the city manager inspires hope for a bright tomorrow for Sandusky.

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