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Calling it a career after 27 years of honoring local veterans

Register • Jun 18, 2014 at 5:10 PM

As I was speaking on Memorial Day, as chairman of the Erie County Veterans Memorial Park, to the audience and before we walked over to the park to honor the hundreds of men from Erie County who gave their lives, I somewhat reluctantly disclosed that after 27 years as chair I was about to retire.

I reflected upon the park and all it has meant to so many. The beautiful monuments and other tributes have come a long way during the many years because of the efforts, such as those by Sandusky parks personnel, in maintaining its appearance. The Park Committee has appreciated the First Presbyterian Church for the service time prior to the conclusion in the park session when salutes were given. Tears often appeared from those who have lost loved ones. I hope we will keep tradition alive forever. May my fellow veterans and others step forth in honor of our great country and those who made it so.

I have passed, at 81, the stage of trying to do more than I really can. I hope you all understand.

—George Mylander


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