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Taking care of city’s needs before city’s wants is vital

Register • Jun 16, 2014 at 2:00 PM

While a viable and vibrant downtown is an important ingredient for any given city, it’s time the city commission and the new city manager spread their wings out beyond downtown.

Frequently commenting on Sandusky Register on-line articles pertaining to the condition of Sandusky, many residents have rightfully pointed out the vast majority of attention given to basic city services have focused on the downtown area and roads leading to Cedar Point while several city streets seem like they haven’t been paved since the horse and buggy days.

I recently overheard a sitting city commissioner state, in response to a citizen’s comment regarding the condition of Sandusky’s streets, “what people have to understand is if we paved everyone’s street, we (Sandusky) wouldn’t have any money”.

No one expects every street in Sandusky to have a fresh coat of blacktop. However, there is no justifiable explanation for the condition of streets such as Pipe Street and McCartney Road, among others.

There remains an element on city commission still holding out hope of selling public waterfront property in the name of “economic development” while at the same time this same faction has not openly discussed their ideas, if they have ideas, for developing former industrial sites demolished using tax dollars — APEX, Sandusky Cabinets, Wysteria Farms and the Keller Building.

A message to the new city manager: Treat the entire community fairly, not just the groups or individuals bending your ear pushing their own agenda.

As far as the waterfront is concerned — develop what is private, improve what is public.

— T. A. Schwanger

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