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Ottawa County tradition returns

Register • Jun 13, 2014 at 8:28 AM

By Rita M. Mahler

Around the Horn

I’m proud to be given the opportunity by the Ottawa County Register to resurrect a longstanding weekly column my parents, R. Neil Sr. & Rosemary Merckens, started when they owned the Peninsular News.

My hope is to continue to report to the Register readers what is witnessed on the weekly drive through Marblehead-Lakeside & all of Danbury (known as the ride “Around the Horn”).

The trip Around the Horn this week includes not only visitors to the Peninsula, and fishermen headed to the Lake, but those attending the West & East Ohio Conferences of the United Methodist Church, inside Lakeside. Traffic will continue to be heavier all week long.

School is out so thank goodness there are no buses to contend with. The Danbury School Parking lot is used by those attending the Lakeside schedules, so it looks a little odd to have the school empty, but the parking lot full! The Danbury High School has for years now allowed parking to Lakeside visitors during Conferences.   While growing up living in Lakeside, I remember very well the walk to and from school every day. The hill on Erie Beach Road was always much better on the way back home in the afternoon than it was in the morning. So please take caution in the area as pedestrians will still be using it.

Lakeside Chautauqua Season begins the 21st of June so the gates will be closing and entry fees will be charged.

The past winter that was so cold and harsh and lingered thru most of spring, was rough on a lot of the orchards (especially peach). Yet once the warmth moved in and the ice was gone the thick lush underbrush in the woods and along the fields has grown very thick indeed.  On my walk through Meadowbrook Preserve the paths that usually allow for gazing into the woods are more like a tunnel of green. The song birds and water fowl are abundant and the bald eagles hunt from above the marsh.

The summer residents have been busy getting summer homes and cottages open and outdoor activities are everywhere!  Many of the boats are now in the marinas at their docks, but many more are still being hauled out of dry dock and prepped for summer fun on the water.  Care should be taken during the week to make sure the slow travel of a big boat is part of the time allowance when hurrying for the ferry schedule. Boaters should also use caution on the lake with the regular travel pattern of the ferry and freighters.

The blessing of beautiful weekend weather has been with us for 4 weeks now.  I’m thinking that very well could be a record or close to it. Middle of the week rains have been keeping the gardens & fields moist, and the tourists happy. The boaters launching from state access ramps are very happy with the catches they have been hauling in lately.

It’s true the first day of Summer is not far off, but the Peninsula is in full swing of the Summer Tourist Season. Best of all, no orange barrels for construction zones were located along the route.  

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