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The World According to Matt

Register • Jun 5, 2014 at 9:00 AM

Dear Editor,

I can’t take it anymore! I’ve lived in Sandusky for most of my 74-plus years and remember when I could get some semblance of impartial reporting from the Register. It’s now an epistle of “The World According to Westerhold.”

In his world, the police can do nothing right, prosecutors are biased, our presidents are war criminals and Congress is misspending our tax dollars by providing for the defense of our country.

You would think he was a proponent of less government, not more government. But do not be confused. He is not a Tea Party member.

He cannot be bothered that our Constitution mandates Congress provide for the common defense, wherever that needs to be. did we all imagine 9/11 took place or that those who accomplished the killing of over 3,000 Americans, on our soil, came from the Middle East? Did we all imagine Saddam Hussein wanted to have the first President Bush assassinated after Kuwait was invaded, or that Osama Bin Laden, a Middle Easterner, funded and organized 9/11 and then fled to

Afghanistan and Pakistan for refuge?

Westerhold’s attack on our state attorney general makes it clear he doesn’t want an impartial presentation of credible evidence to a grand jury to determine if there are enough facts to make anyone stand trial. In his mind, the police are already guilty, not innocent until proven guilty. How can we ever get an impartial jury with this type of biased reporting, intended to influence the public from which a jury must be chosen?

I know, no one can really confuse Westerhold with being a conservative. He made that clear when he stated in Monday’s editorial that he simply wants federal spending redirected so “billions that could be spent to provide public education, facilities, healthcare services, and used in other different ways to change the world.” Forget about the debt to our children.

The World According to Garp — oh, excuse me, Westerhold.

Please Mr. Westerhold, can the Register just give us the facts from both sides so we can form opinions for ourselves? We have had enough of your opinions.

Ronald Kaufman


Editor's note: The column Mr. Kaufman references suggested the U.S. defense budget was a sacred cow not easily subject to budget cuts or even a discussion from elected officials. The column also detailed the contention by Richard Clarke,  a top anti-terrorist expert in the Bush administration, that war crimes were committed by the administration. "The World According to Garp" is a great novel written by John Irving, that references the city of Sandusky and Ottawa County.  

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