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Port Clinton needs good jobs, not Citizens Park jobs

Register • May 30, 2014 at 6:20 PM

I still drive down Fulton Street nearly every day, and when I stop at Perry Street for oncoming traffic, I still look at the river, the lake, and the pier of giant boulders that extends hundreds of feet out into the water, separating the river from the lake, and I get to wondering how long it will be before I will no longer be able to see the beauty that was given to us by God, but may be taken from us by man.

Yes, the beauty will still be there, but it will not be seen from Fulton Street, or Perry Street, it will be seen by the wealthy condo owners, from different cities, and different states, that will come to Port Clinton, a few weekends a month, in the summer.

I wish every citizen could drive down Fulton Street to Perry Street, and take a good look at a sight so beautiful that you will know it must be saved.

Then drive down to East Perry Street and take a good look at a sight so ugly that you will know it had to be made by man, then ask yourself: Do we really want West Perry Street to look like this?

We keep hearing about 585 new jobs, so let us pretend this fairytale is true. We used to call these kinds of jobs J.P. jobs.

J.P. stood for Johnny Paycheck, a struggling country singer until he recorded a song about the kind of jobs that will be available if we develop the citizens park. And I believe most of our unemployed will say the same thing that Johnny Paycheck said “You can take this job and shove it”

I do not believe we need anymore J.P. jobs, when you see “Help Wanted” signs on Perry Street all summer.

Citizens be heard.

—Bob Walls Sr.

Port Clinton

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