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Ocwen evidence mounts

Register • May 29, 2014 at 4:33 PM

We previously told the stories of several clients who have been victimized by Ocwen in a strikingly similar way, suggesting that Ocwen may have adopted a pattern of deception in its loan servicing practices.


Within the past week, three more homeowners with Ocwen-serviced mortgages came forward to tell us that, after a substantial period of time of trying, they have been unable to obtain a loan statement, typically sent on a monthly basis, indicating the balance claimed to be owed and how the monthly payments were being applied. All three of these homeowners were current on their payments. Of course, this failure on Ocwen’s part has left these homeowners in the very precarious position of not knowing whether it was considering foreclosing against their homes.


All three of these homeowners indicated late charges were unjustifiably being heaped onto their loan balance. With two of them, Ocwen falsely claimed that payments were missed when it took over the loan servicing from another servicer. In one case, Ocwen had erroneously reported the homeowner late to the credit reporting bureaus, damaging his credit, resulting in very serious injury to him.


In each case Ocwen has unfairly put the homeowner through the trauma of not knowing what their future is with respect to their ability to continue living in their homes. With the increasing frequency of these stories of misconduct by Ocwen, and the similarity among them, at this point it seems reasonable to assume that Ocwen has deliberately set out on a path of homeowner victimization. We will combat that victimization with the facts showing these people have done nothing wrong on their loans. By doing so, we are extremely confident that not only will Ocwen’s mistreatment of these innocent people be stopped, but also are hopeful that their causes will serve as a warning to Ocwen; a warning which serves as a shot across its bow that if it continues on this course of conduct it will do so at its own risk. 




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Kate Eyster and Lauren McGookey contributed to this article. 


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