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A special moment for a special occasion

Caitlin Nearhood • Jun 1, 2014 at 7:46 PM

Attending the Firelands Positive People awards program for the first time last Wednesday, I didn’t know what to expect. But neither did Sandusky Central Catholic’s guidance counselor Cathy Zeiher.

Zeiher won the Positive Impact Award for her efforts in helping SCC students excel in college readiness during her 15 years at SCCS.  

And as if one surprise wasn’t enough, the beloved counselor received a double dose of it.

After receiving her award, Zeiher least expected something else—seeing her brother, who traveled from Pennsylvania to see his sister win a well-deserved award.

The man stood up and casually made his way over to Zeiher a few tables away with open arms. Zeiher, mouth agape in amazement, outstretched her arms to meet him for a hug.

The siblings embraced as the audience’s applause elongated, and some even gave a worthy standing ovation.  

I must admit that their reunion warmed my heart as the rest of the program would naturally do the same.

From personal experience, the bond between siblings is a special thing. I’m happy to have witnessed an example of it that day.

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