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Technology has bad effects on those who overuse it

Register • May 21, 2014 at 4:10 PM

I am from a small town near Sandusky. I am writing this in regards to our society being too dependent on technology.

Technology has caused many problems in our society. These problems have ranged from obesity, false information given out, or even sickness. Technology has taken over our lives and not in a good way.

The obesity rate continues to rise more and more as years pass. It has risen by almost 20 percent since technology was introduced to our society.

This is because many people just sit around on their electronic devices. This is tolerable in some cases, but you have to have some exercise to make it up.

Unfortunately, many people don’t do any exercise. With lack of exercise comes obesity.

Along with the obesity rate rising, technology has also affected the education of some youth. Some websites on the Internet are not always reliable. The information can be changed easily, and this could leave students with the wrong information, which could cause many problems.

Technology has also caused people to take the easy way out. I’ll admit technology can be extremely easy and quick, but this could cause a person to take the easy way out, and when they take the easy way out they don’t have to think as much. All in all, our society is too dependent on technology.

Lastly, technology has caused many problems. I’m not saying technology is completely bad; it does have its perks, like being faster and easier. But the problems caused by technology are much more important than its perks.

—Cody Scott

Berlin Heights

Today's letters were submitted by area high school students

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