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Sandusky has 'wind at its back'

Register • May 19, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Sandusky city commissioner Naomi Twine is sure about one thing. 

"We're moving in the right direction and we're going to keep that momentum," she said, a day after city commission voted 7-0 to hire Ohio City economic development director Eric Wobser to serve as city manager. 

City Commissioner Dick Brady echoed Twin'e sentiment.  The city has "the wind at its back and it's going to keep charging forward."

"There's just too much opportunity right now to build a better future," Brady said. 

Wobser received a unanimous vote from commissioners after interviews May 12 with the top candidates who applied. He's from the Sandusky area and is a graduate of Edison High School and earned a law degree from the University of Michigan. He's been the economic development director for Ohio City the last five years. 

Wobser told commissioners he applied for the city manager's job because he wanted to move back to the area and make his home here. He also said his career has given him the skill set to tackle the challenges the city faces in partnership with commissioners and residents to attract jobs, rejuvenate neighborhoods and attract families to the city.

He's got an enthusiasm for the city and the region that convinced all seven commissioners he was the right person for the job. 

Commissioners hit the 2014-15 commission term running hard and running fast toward a new way of doing business in Sandusky. They approved a balanced budget earlier this year after a series of public forums and other open debate and discussion, the first time that's happened in three years. 

Commissioners also made difficult choices about cuts and personnel shifts, and they continue to push ahead at what seems like a lightning pace. Importantly, the changes being implemented seem to be thoughtful and thoroughly vetted, and by-and-large, the important decisions being made are being reached with a true consensus of commission. 

We applaud the commission's new attitude and hope the wind keeps blowing this way. 

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