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Who knew it was National Small Business Week?

Matt Morgan • May 15, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Hurray - it's NSBW! Isn't that great?! Anyone?


You heard it correctly, it is National Small Business Week. Break out your silly hats and noise makers. That is normally a great thing to celebrate (of course my opinion may be a bit biased). But the moral of this story isn't that this event is happening, what it means, or even what you get from it. This week has to do with what you make of it.


Amid the hip-hips and hoorays of small business this week nationally, did you know that we just finished up National Correctional Officers' Week, National Nurses Week, and as of this posting are looking at National Hurricane Preparedness Week and World Trade Week? As if that weren't enough, May as a whole is Asian-Pacific Heritage Month, Jewish American Heritage Month, and Lyme Disease Awareness Month among others.


Is your head spinning yet?


There's also special days set aside within the weeks of the month such as the one declared at Sandusky City Commission just this week: Steps of Hope Day. There was also Law Day (which is also May Day and International Workers' Day), Star Wars Day, International Midwives' Day, Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Towel Day, and National Mast- errrrr, well, let's keep it SR-13, shall we?


I can presume that we don't have many Jewish-Asian prison nurses (specializing in tick-borne infections and birth) with an export business on the side whose Star Wars watching, Douglas Adams reading significant other is serving in the military and is missing him/her enough to warrant an entire day to...relax alone. I mean, maybe we do? If that's the case this is a busy month for you! But for the rest of us we look around and see that there is a cacophony of activity, awareness, diseases, inter/national recognition, and special causes that all vie for our attention, affection, and almighty dollar.


That said, welcome to being a small business. Did you know there is a whole week dedicated just for you?


That's what we'd like to think, but we all know that in many cases we aren't the only fish in the pond. You see it here in the comments or even have had the same thoughts yourself. Responses such as "Another pizza place?!" or "How many more [whatevers] do we need?" are frequent. Perkins Avenue in Sandusky has about ten different auto parts/accessories stores along its length. Each of them, like each of the organizations above, try to vie for your attention to support them supporting you. This is why it is absolutely crucial for you as a small business anywhere to not just declare who you are and what you do, but to energize other people to care about it. The two dog waste removal businesses whose billboards I see in town need to motivate you to give a poop about them as much as the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness does with this, their commemorative month set amid others.


Once you market yourself and people see who you are, what you do, why you do it, and how you do it differently it can ignite a passion in them to support you as anyone in the above causes support their organization's period of time. You may not get instant recognition or even global acceptance (come on now, did you roll your eyes at any of the above tributes?), but you'll mean a lot to those you help. That is reward in itself above the income you'll generate serving those who need your product or service. It takes patience and sometimes even fantastic circumstances, but fret not!


Even dairy goats get their own week. So too will you.

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