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Processed foods cause of many health problems

Register • May 15, 2014 at 1:50 PM

I need to discuss an ongoing problem with our food that not many people know about. Most of the processed and even supposed “organic” foods are filled with GMOs, genetically modified organisms. They are contaminating our food supply and our bodies without us even knowing. These genetically modified foods should be banned or at least be labeled for quite a few reasons.

Kids are eating more and more processed foods, filled with chemicals and GMOs to make them “tastier” and more addictive. The problem is, with the chemicals and GMOs being added into everything, even just regular fruits and vegetables to make them more appealing, is really hurting our bodies. It’s giving kids and even adults developed food allergies because the plants that are a genetically modified crop are designed to produce or be resistant to pesticides. Those pesticides are making the pores of our stomachs explode and forcing us to reject the normal foods we eat every day.

The everyday fruits and vegetables that are grown by farmers are hurting the organic farmer’s crops, animals, and jobs. When the GM crop farmers cross-contaminate their crops with the organic farmers near them, the organic farmers then have to pay for Monsanto’s (the leading GMO producer) seed patent. Or to be considered organic again they have to not farm for three years. The GM crop that is being fed to the livestock and poultry is making them sick, and they most often die from it.

The products that we buy that were made from the GM crop fed animals were tested and the results weren’t pretty. The mice tested on had tumor-looking deformities on their bodies, smaller genitals and lower sperm counts. They have also seen that GMO foods cause early puberty in boys and girls due to testosterone levels.

As it is made evident, Americans do not always make the healthiest choices. Probably due to the fact that everyone wants everything to go as fast as it possibly can, including food. Slow down and think about what you’re buying and consuming. You won’t regret it.

—Aurora Bragdon

Berlin Heights

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