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Curbside recycling gone wild

Register • May 13, 2014 at 12:37 PM

Sandusky will probably implement curbside recycling if the city cannot control the trash at the recyclable bin areas. 


I have been checking the recyclable bins on both sides of town. The west bins are looking clean, but the east bins continue to accumulate ground clutter. All the bins on both sides of town are full by Sunday night. More pickups should be scheduled or switched from Tuesday and Thursday pickups to Monday and Friday to provide for the heaviest dumping days on the weekends. In order to come up with a solution, the bins need to be checked on a daily basis to find out what adjustments need to be made. Cardboard seems to be the biggest problem and residents are not complying with the posted signage. Due to the vast amount of cardboard accumulation, I wonder if there isn’t some commercial cardboard dumping going on.


Some cities have discovered a revenue source from the curbside recycling through stiff fines. Failure to properly use the recycling program will result in fines anywhere from $100 to $500. In some areas, radio frequency identification chips are being embedded into the trash carts. The information taken from the chips will allow cities to monitor how often residents roll the carts to the curb for collection and whether the residents are recycling properly. Fines can be leveled on a resident caught not recycling enough. Residents can be charged extra for exceeding allotted limits for trash. The fines for excessive trash can range from $250 to $500 depending on the amount to be picked up. Cans are not being taken to the curb on a weekly basis. When residents skip weeks without taking their trash to the curb, it makes for an excessive amount of trash to be picked up when trash finally is hauled to the curb. 


How will the area governments collect the fines and past due billings for mandated collection? I think the residents who do pay their bills on time will be paying more to make up for the residents who don’t pay their trash bill. In the case of the rentals, the landlords are responsible for paying the rubbish bill. There has been some talk about charging past due trash billing to the owners’ property taxes, but we will have to wait and see if that can be done. I don’t think the government or the hauler will be able to absorb the cost. Tacking the fines and overdue garbage bills onto the property taxes will present a challenge to collect, since the county is finding it difficult to even collect ordinary property taxes. 


I realize that garbage collection has become a real big issue for some cities making the laws even more restrictive, but attaching microchips on trash cans has gone too far. These days, it seems everything is being monitored by the government. Each day more and more freedoms are being taking away. If we allow it, the government will eventually have us on 24 hour surveillance if they don’t already. 


When big government starts to mandate, it never thinks about the additional cost involved for everyone to actual implement the programs.

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