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Homework helps students achieve academic success

Register • May 11, 2014 at 11:50 AM

In my studies students complain too much about homework. They don’t really know what it does for them and in their future. They also think that teachers do it on purpose but really teachers hate homework just as much as students.

Homework prepares students for so much. It’s a good way to study or help students for tests and quizzes. It puts more knowledge into their head from the lesson that they learned. Homework also refreshes students’ memories if they forget about something that would be on an upcoming test or quiz. Homework makes students more responsible and makes them learn to use their time wisely.

Now that students may know a little more about how homework helps them, why do they still complain that it’s still stupid and a waste of time? Students don’t know how much it will benefit them in the future.

—Sam Pullen


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