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Costs of Obamacare make it not such a good deal

Register • May 9, 2014 at 12:00 PM

One reason we should halt, or at least reduce considerably Obamacare, is because it simply costs too much for what it provides. There is far too much red tape involved, and this being done at the federal level means that much more extra expense.

Certainly there should be no requirement that everyone have government insurance.

Always in the past we have provided a very good medical system, with the people deciding for themselves how to go about this, and what doctors and insurance to seek. And, those who can not afford this have almost always obtained help form private charities and other help groups.

Those few who have not are the ones we always hear about, and this gets everyone scared. We need to be realistic in our evaluations, and be sure that only those who really need this help are the ones who obtain it. This would cut the costs of the program a great deal, and, therefore, this is the way we should go - always.

—Judson Brandes


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