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Why not market the Sandusky-Port Clinton discount?

Tom Jackson • May 8, 2014 at 11:45 AM

A couple of months ago, I bought a fluorescent light bulb at a big box home improvement store in North Olmsted, in Cuyahoga County. When the bulb didn't work, I had to exchange it. It was more convenient to exchange it at the chain's store on U.S. 250 in Erie County, so I did.

I made a straight exchange for an identical replacement bulb (the Sandusky one worked) but the store clerk also handed me some change. I couldn't figure it out until I remembered that there's a difference in sales taxes.

As you can see for yourself, Cuyahoga County residents enjoy the highest sales tax rate in Ohio, 8 percent. The rate in Erie County is 7.25 percent. In Ottawa County, it's 7 percent.

The elected county executive in Cuyahoga County is Ed FitzGerald, who has earned a reputation for being honest and for avoiding government waste. He apparently likes having the highest sales tax in Ohio, however, because he hasn't tried to change it. Mr. FitzGerald is the Democratic nominee for governor.

There are probably quite a few residents of Cuyahoga County who come here often during the summer, perhaps because they have a season pass for Cedar Point or because they keep a boat at an Ottawa County marina. Why not point out to them that they should buy their bottled water, soda pop etc. while they are visiting us here? Because if they bought it back in Cleveland, they paid too much. 

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