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Reflections on two moms

Register • May 8, 2014 at 10:20 AM

The author of this blog was so moved by the love and dedication of those two Moms on this newspaper’s Between the Lines program last week that he decided to take a moment out from discussing the Ten Principles of Recovery to thank them and this newspaper for allowing them to speak. It is not often that I see a love and dedication so intense that it is transformed into action. Last week I had that opportunity to witness just that. These two fine ladies whose lives were permanently altered by the tragedy of addiction have mustered a courage that only a few can display. As I watched them tell their stories I knew that Sandusky Artisans Recovery Community Center’s pledge to help them with their cause was reaffirmed. 

Courage displayed in this manner commands our attention. Courage displayed in this manner demonstrates what the power of love can accomplish. Courage that these two Moms have can lead to a new understanding and education about substance abuse, treatment and recovery. Their bravery along with our support will help insure that their stories will not be in vain. 

Watch the Between the Lines program in the player below

I know that Sandusky Artisans Recovery Community Center will be standing shoulder to shoulder with them in their struggle against stigma, substance abuse misunderstanding and the uneducated myopic view of what addiction truly is. A truer understanding of the perils of addiction and that recovery is a reality must be fostered and these two mothers are doing just that. They are “Living in the Solution”. 

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice” and it is in this arena that the Recovery Movement is thrust. There will be some inhospitable voices from a reluctant few that continue to live in the problem but with people like those two Moms and the support of others like them those few discordant voices will eventually be overwhelmed by the message of courage and hope. 

The message of hope that is planted by people like those two Moms will inevitably grow strong with the help of our community.  With this in mind I would suggest that we all come together to help spread the word that “Recovery is a Reality”. Their examples are our North Star in traversing the perils associated with addictions. May they always be blessed and successful in their endeavors and may they continue to carry the message of hope.

How can we help? We can all start by being allies and supporters of this Recovery Movement. Sandusky Artisans Recovery Community Center continues to advocate for “Living in the Solution” rather than the problem. So, help be a part of the Recovery Movement by joining with me, those two brave Moms and everyone else who cares on May 17th at the Gazebo in downtown Sandusky for the “Rally for Recovery”. We also want you to mark your calendar for the 13th of September for Sandusky’s very “First Annual Recovery Walk”.

Don’t forget that September is Recovery Month and that May is Mental Health month. Sandusky Artisans Recovery Community Center will keep you informed of upcoming events such as “The Rally for Recovery” at the State Capitol in September and the 5th Annual Opiate Conference” in Columbus, Ohio in July.  This coming September 5th through the 7th on Kelley’s Island at the 4H Camp Sandusky Artisans Recovery Community Center will be hosting it’s 11th “Camp Recovery Conference”. Remember that there is a SOLUTION and RECOVERY IS A REALITY.

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