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Vote for renewal levy for Sandusky City Schools Tuesday

Register • May 5, 2014 at 12:00 PM

I am writing to the voters of Sandusky to join me and my family in voting yes for the renewal levy for Sandusky City Schools.

We need to come together as a community and support our children and their education. This is a renewal levy and not a new tax. It is an ongoing levy that was first placed in 1989.

The $1.5 million that is generated from this levy has been used to keep SCS in a good position financially. These funds are used for the general operating expenses and are very necessary to continue educating our students. It is a cost of 26 cents a day to the average homeowner.

SCS recently unveiled the Transformation Plan that will allow for our students to compete in a global competitive environment.

I, personally, cannot wait to see all that there is to benefit my children and the district as a whole. I know that SCS is moving forward in a very positive direction that can only build on an already strong foundation.

It is up to us, the parents and community, to get involved and achieve the goals that we so rightly deserve. The graduation rate is 85 percent and constantly improving.

SCS also just opened the RCAAS and the Compass Academy to help every student in their education. The staff at SCS is excellent, and this stems from the strong and stable board of education.

The unions and management are working together to benefit the students and their families. This can only lead SCS to climb the ladder to be one of the best school districts.

Our pride, tradition and excellence are core values that we want to instill in not only the students, but the staff, and the community.

So, please join me and my family and vote yes for SCS and the renewal levy. Remember this is not a new tax, but a renewal.

— Jennifer Wieber-Chapman


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