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Bigger is not better for Erie MetroParks

Register • May 2, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Twenty plus years ago, our battle to keep our riverfront property began.

Three years ago, Erie Metroparks decided to abandon their failed greenway project.

Through court mediation, they agreed to have the landowners deeds properly transferred back into their names.

All of which was improper! And now, government has to find a way to right the wrong!

Although the current park board members did not create this mess, they still need to resolve the past abusive issues before asking the Erie County taxpayers for more money. The current park board needs to show leadership and accountability to Erie County before winning over their trust.

They need to take ownership and get resolution and closure for the Huron River Greenway project. Before going to the polls in May, consider how your tax dollars are being used and if there is accountability for their expenditures.

Erie Metroparks has a number of wonderful programs and parks that the citizens of Erie County like and use. In order to have a successful park system, you need to be able to fund and maintain what already exists, not to use taxpayer dollars to obtain more land and create more expenses. In this case, bigger is not better

—Cheryl Lyons


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