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Levy is the only alternative for Perkins Schools

Register • May 1, 2014 at 12:20 PM

A question we have heard from some in our community is “why do you continue to put a levy on the ballot? We have said no”

The simple answer is because we have no alternative.

Perkins Schools will have cut almost $4.5 million from our budget over the last two years. We have had our state funding reduced by $2.5 million. We have not had an increase in local taxes in 14 years.

These issues, coupled with continued unfunded mandates from the federal and state governments, have put our district in a difficult financial situation.

With your help, we can begin to emerge from this situation. The levy value of 3.94 mills on a $100,000 home would cost the equivalent of about two trips to Starbucks per month and would allow us to continue to provide a great education for the students of our district.

We have listened to the message from our community during the past four votes. The board has reversed 3.2 mils of inside millage with the rest to be reversed in the near future. No money from this levy will be used for new facilities and all facility plans have been placed on hold.

With the input from the community at four public meetings, we have laid out specifically what would be restored with the passage of this levy. Music and art at the elementary level and reduction in play to pay fees lead the list.

The entire list of restoration is available on the district’s website.

The Ohio school funding mechanism is difficult on communities such as Perkins. It can tear communities apart. Perkins is by any measure the lowest cost school district in the county. We provide a high quality education, however, in order to continue that mission long term, we need your support.

As we move forward, we will strive to continue to listen to the community and use this input to make the best decisions for thestudents of the district and for the needs of this community. Strong schools make a strong community. Let’s continue our Perkins tradition of strong schools AND a strong community. Vote “Yes” for the Perkins Schools Levy.

Perkins Board of Education, Matthew Kosior, Terry Chapman, Bradley Mitchel, Andrew Carroll and Michael Ahner Vote for Erie MetroParks replacement levy on May 6

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