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Interstellar combat at Cedar Point

Tom Jackson • Apr 30, 2014 at 4:58 PM

There's yet another reason to visit Cedar Point this summer: Gamers with cell phones can take part in the battle over whether "exotic matter" of possibly interstellar origin is influencing the people riding the roller coasters.

If you're one of those folks who privileges "real life" over fantasy, you may not be familiar with Ingress, a game played on cell phones that pits a group called the Enlightenment (who want to advance humanity, allegedly in cooperation with aliens) against the Resistance (who claim to seek to preserve human freedom.) It's a game played on cell phones, all over the world.

Game play focuses on portals, which can be captured by one side or the other. My blogging colleague, Matt Morgan, has a post that explains the game and gives examples of local portals. The game is Android only so far, but it's supposed to become available for iOS this year.

A map of portals at the official Ingress web site shows that the Enlightenment has captured part of Cedar Point, so apparently employees or contractors are playing the game.  There are plenty of unclaimed portals, however, to be fought over by members of the two sides when Cedar Point opens on May 10. 

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