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Vote for the Perkins Schools levy this time around

Register • Apr 28, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Although I opposed the past three Perkins School levy attempts, I am now urging Perkins residents to vote yes and support the May 6 school levy.

I have attended many school board meetings in the past year and witnessed the difficult yet necessary decisions the board and administrators have recently made to preserve our school system.

Significant permanent cuts in personnel have been made with remaining employees assuming additional duties to maintain services for our students.

The majority of the inside millage has been restored to the operating fund, and pay-to-play fees have been drastically reduced.

Plans for new building construction have been eliminated.

Our parents and grandparents paid to educate us by their support of past successful levies. With no new operating levies having been approved by voters since 2001, we are way overdue for voting approval of a new levy. It is our turn to step up to the plate and as parents, grandparents, and Perkins alumni, join together to vote yes on the levy.

I realize miscommunication, apparently overly-ambitious construction plans together with escalating levy demands all helped defeat past levies, but those problems are now in the past.

Please recognize the hard work of our school board, administrators and staff by voting yes for the new lower Perkins School levy on May 6. We need to preserve the school system of which we are all so proud.

— Bob Weichel


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