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SMCC student personalizes marquee for ‘promposal’

Alissa Widman Neese • Apr 28, 2014 at 11:30 AM

Some prom invitations are as impressive as wedding proposals these days. A reader emailed me a photo of a first-of-its-kind local “promposal” earlier this month: a personalized State Theatre marquee asking a girl named Julia to prom. She requested I investigate who Julia was, and if she accepted the invitation.

A woman from the theater put me in contact with Caleb Severance, a senior at St. Mary Central Catholic High School whopopped the question. The girl referenced on the marquee is Julia Edinger, a junior at the school. Severance logged a series of service hours to earn the opportunity to use the marquee earlier this month.

After a dinner at Chet and Matt’s, the pair took a walk downtown and he directed her toward the personalized marquee. “You only go to prom twice, so I wanted to do something big,” Caleb said. The heartfelt gesture was a big surprise, and very appreciated, Julia said.

And in case you were wondering — she said “yes,” of course. Their prom is May 10.

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