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Parish-Campbell intersection warrants more consideration

Register • Apr 24, 2014 at 1:00 PM

I have studied traffic signalization for the last 30 years, first as a railroad track and traffic signal engineering technician and later in college from the digital device design and control aspect and this is what I know: One day there was a signal, the next day not.

Any traffic engineer will tell you that once an intersection has been controlled, to remove that signalization with no alternative replacement (even in the short-term) is ill-advised and public education regarding the removal is a critical element of public safety.

To state that Parish Street is less traveled would require a traffic count study to accurately gauge, guessing just doesn’t cut it.

Two heavily-traveled driveways either enter/exit directly onto Parish (Post Office and Job and Family Services) and depending on the time and day, congestion can be pronounced.

Parish is also used as a cut-through to Campbell as well as Sherman. We must also consider the impact of the new Speedway at Campbell and Perkins and the increased traffic cutting through to Columbus.

Highway engineers and experts in traffic signalization play a significant role in moving people safely and are highly trained and educated in their chosen field.

Do they always get it right? Absolutely not.

I would however, much rather prefer someone with knowledge and expertise devising a traffic scheme that actually uses hard data, federal/ state standards and some good old fashioned common sense.

Sorry Dennis, I’m not with you on this one but, an excellent opportunity to develop PSAs concerning important community issues that impact us all. Cities are populated with people who drive cars and we need to design not only for people, but all forms of transportation that people utilize.

— Diedre Cole


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