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City commissioners are making big changes

Register • Apr 22, 2014 at 5:10 PM

At the next city commission meeting, legislation will be introduced reducing the number of commission members from seven to five members. Reducing the number of members would give more control to the remaining commissioners, less representation for the taxpayers, and generate additional salary to the remaining commissioners due to the vacated seats. As for the salary increase, the Charter Committee could not muster the votes to increase the commissioners’ salary, so the new commission will probably work the increase into the new legislation language so they can obtain their raise.


I don’t think the citizens are being evenly represented among the different areas of town. Projects seem to be slanted towards the high profile areas. All the residents have to do is to look around at where most of the improvements are being done while drawing their own conclusion. The residents’ wish list items are moving further and further down the list to accommodate the commissioners’ own pet projects. 


I have no doubt that the commissioners will eventually tackle the two-term legislation, as well. The citizens have implemented the Charter laws, but because a few commissioners don’t like the outcome, they think they can attempt to change the laws at a whim to suit their needs. It will be up to the voters to rein in the commissioners from obtaining way to much control.


The two-term is popular on both sides of the political fence because no one would like to see commissioners seated at the commission table for 20 plus years. If the incumbent is not performing to expectations, it is difficult to unseat the incumbent when he has name recognition. The longer the incumbent stays seated, the more power the incumbent accumulates. 


It is disrespectful to second guess the citizens of this community asking them to double check their vote, once again, by re-voting on something that is already law. The shrinking population should not be an excuse to start dismantling the Charter laws.


I don’t want to see some of the commissioners afraid to speak up, or some commissioners applying pressure to those commissioners who have a difference of opinion and do not wish to vote in unison.

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