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The city’s hiring process

Register • Apr 15, 2014 at 12:29 PM

The city’s hiring process shouldn’t take so long to accomplish.


The vacancy sign is out for a fire chief, city manager, and an assistant planner. In the past, the city has taken months and sometimes even years to fill a position. When the city procrastinates too long, the candidates get picked over and the city is left with no choice but to choose a less desirable candidate.


It would be to the city’s advantage to hire heads of departments with strong leadership skills so employees can advance into a higher management position making the transition smoother. I realize that it does take some time to obtain the right person with the right qualifications, but it shouldn’t take months to accomplish the task at hand.


It doesn’t seem fair to appoint the city law director to hold down both the city manager and law director’s job and not get properly compensated. I am not sure why extra compensation was not given to the law director considering he was under contract the last time. The city can’t justify combining the two jobs and trying to accomplish goals the commissioners have set forth. 


It will be difficult to get someone to fill the city manager’s position, because the city doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to retaining city managers for more than two years. The future city manager should be someone who has strong business and management skills, excellent communication skills, and an outstanding public relations personality. The person needs to have a known track record of accomplishments coupled with background experience in government. 


I hope the citizens do not have to wait very long to obtain a qualified city manager. The swinging door has to stop once and for all, so the city can move forward and not have to be concerned with replacing a city manager every couple of years.

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